Program/ abstract topics

Program/ abstract topics
Viral  hepatitis
HIV/AIDS and Antiretroviral therapy
Antimicrobial therapy
Antimicrobial policy, stewarship/ rational use of antibiotics
Therapy of ESBL positive infections - a continuous challenge
Fungal infections in  immunocompromised host
Advances in the treatment of invasive fungal infections
UTI and acute and chronic prostatitis
Immunomodulatory effects of antiinfectives
Central nervous system infections
Optimal therapy od MRSA infections
Respiratory tract infections
Importance of PK/PD relations in the treatment of severe infections
Urinary-tract infections - new challenges and therapeutic options
Sexually transmitted infections
Skin infections and other related dermatological conditions
Therapy of infective endocarditis
Tropical and travel infections
Emerging and remerging ID
Collateral  damage of antiinfective drugs
Oncology and chemotherapy
Hematological disorders and therapy
Infectious disease and public health
Influenza and other pandemic threats
Infections in immunocompromised host


Preliminary Programme:
12 October 2017, Thursday: arrival, registration, accommodation, welcome reception (20.00 h)

13 and 14 October 2017: scientific sessions,

morning 9.00-13.00,

afternoon 14.00-18.00;

lunch 13.00-14.00

15 October 2017: 9.00-11.00 - closing of the 8-th SEEC, final remarks, announcement of the host of the 9-th SEEC, departure