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8-th South East European Conference on Chemotherapy, Infection and Cancer
Thursday 12 October


Welcome reception
Premium Beach Hotel, Golem, Durres

8-th South East European Conference on Chemotherapy, Infection and Cancer


09:00 – 09:30

Welcome, opening ceremony
Hall Ajkuna&Argjiro

University of Medicine Tirana, Faculty of Medicine, MoH, UHCT

09:30- 11:00

Symposium of the Bulgarian Chemotherapy Society
Chairs: K. Metodiev, G.Tsankova

A Step Away: From Global Terrorism to Non-conventional Bio Terrorism, Organization and Coordination of Counter Measures
KrassimirMetodiev (PL) 30’          
HSCT with HIV patients: three lessons from three cases, Igor Resnick (L) 20’
Predictive markers in clinical oncology
AssiaKonsoulova (L) 20’
New approaches in oncoimmunotherapy
AssiaKonsoulova (L) 20’


Coffee break& poster view. Hall Doruntina


Symposium of the Bulgarian Chemotherapy Society (cont.)
Chairs: I.Resnick, N.Ermenlieva

Incidence of vaccine-preventablediseases in Varnaregion, Bulgaria
Tatina T. Todorova, DayanaTsankova, NeliErmenlieva, Gabriela Tsankova, Eliana Ivanova
Peculiarities in clinical course and outcome of Enterovirus infections of the central nervous system for  a period of five and a half years in the Clinic of Infectious diseases of University hospital Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Pekova L, Parousheva P, NikolaevaGlomb L, Stoyanova A, Mladenova Z. (SOP), 10’
Microbiologic Monitoring of Hospital Environment in Varna District,
GerganaNedelcheva, Gabriela Tsankova, NeliErmenlieva, TatinaTodorova, DayanaTsankova. (SOP), 10’
Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Determination of New Organoiodine Agent
Nadya Hadzhieva, Neli Ermenlieva, Gabriela Tsankova, Iliyan Kolev, Tsvetelina Kostadinova, Gergana Nedelcheva, Tatina Todorova. (SOP), 10’


UTI symposium: Organized by Working Group : Urinary Tract Infection of International Society of Chemotherapy for Infection and Cancer (ISC).
Chairs: K.Naber, M.Cek

New aspects of diagnostics and treatment of uncomplicated UTI
Kurt G. Naber (Germany), (L) 20’
How to deal with UTI caused by ESBL and Carbapenemase producing Gram-negative uropathogens?
ErsanArda (Turkey), (L), 20’
Inflammation of the prostatic tissue and its relation with BPH and prostate cancer
Mete Cek (Turkey) (L), 20’

13:10- 13:30

Adjunct session
General Hospital of Chania, Greece
Chair: N.Como

Echinococcosis in humans and animals prevention and control
Prof SerafimG.Kastanakis, Greece (L) 20’


Lunch& Poster session Hall Doruntina

14:30 – 15:35

Symposium: Problems and collateral effects in antibacterial chemotherapy
Organizer: ISC Working Group “Collateral  effects of antiinfectives”  and
Romanian Society for the Study of Chemotherapeutics
Chair : Mihai Nechifor, Serafim Kastanakis


Antibiotics in prophylaxis-collateral effects and problems.
MihaiNechifor (L), 20’
Characteristics of systemic severe infections in oncologic patients.
Catalina Luca (L), 20’
Infections in children-the contribution of modern laboratory.
Camelia Grigore, NicolaeGrigore, (L), 20’


Coffee & Poster session Hall Doruntina

16:00 – 17:15

Symposium: “Challenges of rational antimicrobial treatments in real life settings” 
Organized by Serbian Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Chairs: MijomirPelemis, KrassimirMetodiev

Importance of pre analytic process in modern microbiology
Dragana D. Božić, (L), 20’
Therapeutic challenges in sepsis - importance of blood cultivation and rapid diagnostic tests
GoranStevanovic (L), 20’
Challenges in treatment of serious infectious
MijomirPelemis(L), 20’
Antibiotic interaction with other drugs


SEEC Board Meeting

Proposal, Discussion and Decision on the host and dates
of the next 9-th SEEC, October 2018





8-th South East European Conference on Chemotherapy, Infection and Cancer



Parallel Symposium 1: Various aspects of antimicrobial stewardship and infection control
Sponsored by: Slovenian Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Chairs: Mila Cizman, ArjanHarxhi
Hall Ajkuna

Prescribing antibiotics at emergency departments; guidelines vs. real time data
MatejaLogar (L) 15’
Communicating consumption data: national and local level activities  for community and hospital care , experiences from Slovenia
Milan Čižman (L) 15’
Antimicrobial use in long term care facilities
BojanaBeović (L) 15 ‘
The role of infection control in reducing the spread of antimicrobial resistance. 
TatjanaLejkoZupanc (L) 15’

Parallel Symposium 2: Infectious diseases and Migrant Crisis in Europe in 2015-2017
Organized by the ISC WG ID in catastophic area, Slovakia
Chairs: Vladimir Krcmery, GoranStepanovic
Hall Argjiro

Screen or not to screen for ID? 
Vladimir Krcmery (L) 20’
Rapid diagnostic testing for IDs, is it a good option? 
Maria Komlosi (L) 20’
Maternal Health and STIs in various migrant populations. How does conflict affect vulnerable? 
Alexandra Mamova (L) 20’


Coffee & Poster session, Hall Doruntina

10:30 – 11:30

Parallel Symposium: “The challenges of treatment and prevention of influenza “ Workshop organized by South East European Center on Infectious Diseases Surveillance and Control (SECID)
Chairs: Silva Bino, Najada Como

Neuraminidase inhibitors for the prevention and treatment of influenza – new ECDC expert opinion  (20’)
The challenges of Influenza vaccine introduction and use (20’) TBC  (WHO )
The role of Influenza surveillance to measure the burden of Influenza and vaccine and treatment effectiveness  (20’) 
S.Bino on behalf of SECID

Parallel session 2
« Treatment of neutropenia in patients with blood malignancies »
Symposium organized by Albanian Society of Hematology and Service of Hematology
Chairs: Tatjana Caja, ArbenIvanaj

The current treatment of neutropenia in AL. 
P. Pulluqi. (SOP) 15’
The current treatment of the patients with neutropenia with LMNH. 
T. Caja, Dr. A. Perolla, (SOP) 15’
The last update of treatment of neutropenia in patients after BMT.
A. Ivanaj, A. Cili. (SOP) 15’


Parallel session:
Organized by Kosovar Society of Infectious Diseases
Chair: HamdiRamadani, DhimiterKraja

Treatment of Hepatitis C with Peginterferonalfa 2b in Kosovo
H. Ramadani*, I. Tolaj, V. Gashi, F. Havolli, 15’
An outbreak of measles in Kosova
Ramadani H, Krasniqi V, Aliu-Bejta A, Gashi V. 15’
Blood Brain Barrier damage as a predictor of outcome in patients with purulent meningitis
ShemsedinDreshaj, AlbinaPonosheci, Linda Ajazaj-Berisha, 15’
Management of generalized Tetanus with autonomic instability in ICU unit in Infectious Diseases Clinic, UCC, Prishtina, Kosovo.
NderimHasani, ShemsedinDreshaj 10’
The Outcome Of Bacterial Meningitis According to Group-Ages in Kosovo
Namani Sadie, Ramadani Hamdi , Zogaj-Berisha Arieta , Berisha-Ndrejaj Vera. 10’
Epidemiology and outcomes in HIV AIDS patients
Murat Mehmeti, Ilir Tolaj, Hamdi Ramadani, Hatixhe Gashi, Arbana Kosumi. 10’
Neuroborreliosis, case report and review of literature
Ponosheci-Biçaku A, Sadiku I., Berisha V., Jakupi Xh.10’

Parallel session2/2
Short oral presentations
“Epidemiology of viral infections in Albania”
Organized by Albanian Society of Clinical Microbiology
Chairs: AndiKoraqi, VjollcaDuro


Distribution of viral infectious agents among patient at UHC “Mother Theresa” in Albania.
VjollcaDuro. 15’
Etiology of Viral infections in Kidney transplant recipients in Albania.
DenadaLacej. 15’
The role of molecular biology and other new tools for management of viral hepatitis.
BesaBasholli 15’
Herpes simplex virus epidemiology and ocular importance. 
PetritBiberaj 15’
Laboratory Diagnosis of Hemorrhagic Fever in Albania.
MajlindaDhimolea 15’
Difference Diagnosis of inflectional Disease associated with maculopapular exanthema.
Alma Robo 15’


Lunch & Poster session Hall Doruntina

14:00- 16:00

Parallel Session 1
“Management of Infectious Disease”
 Symposium organized by Albanian Society of ID
Chairs: Dh. Kraja, A. Harxhi

Review of cases of progressive cutaneous anthrax and assessment of needs of applying monoclonal antibodies
Dh.Kraja, N.Como, A.Harxhi, E.Kolovani, P.Pipero, N.Gjermeni, E. Ramosaco, T. Kalo, Xh.Brahimi, R.Andoni, B.Byku, A.Koraqi, 20’
The infectologic, anatomic, etiologic, epidemiologic aspects and complications of infectious endocarditis
N.Como, Dh.Kraja, E.Meta, E.Zogu, A.Ndreu, E.Ramosaco, V.Ostreni, A.Harxhi. 20’
Visceral Leishmaniasis in Albania: old disease, new guidelines
PellumbPipero, Esmeralda Meta, JoanaMajko, EdmondPuca, EltarDeda, Najada Como,
ArjanHarxhi, DhimiterKraja
Improving HIV treatment and care in a low prevalent country: ARV treatment cascade analysis in Albania
ArjanHarxhi, E.Meta, K.Shkurti, E.Muco, E. Deda,  A. Gjataj, R.Capo, P.Pipero, N. Como, Dh.Kraja 20’

  • Parallel session 2
  • “Pharmacists Role in Rational Use of Antibiotics" Organized by Department of Pharmacy, Medical University of Tirana

Short Oral presentations, each 10’
Chairs: Dr Iris Hoxha, PhD AdmirMalaj

Role of antimicrobial pharmacokinetics in daily practice
SuelaKellici 15’
Trends of the antimicrobial medicine consumption and the pharmacist’s perception for dispensing antimicrobial medicines in retail pharmacies in Kosovo
ArianitJakupi 15’
Hospital pharmacist’s role in antibiotic stewardship
Evaluation of antibiotic use in the UHC "Mother Theresa" of Tirana, Albania
Dr. Silvi Bozo 15’
Aspects of drug regulation focused on antibiotics.
Erjon Troja 15’
Antimicrobial consumption in Albania during 2011-2014
Macrolides use in Albania during 2009 – 2016
BrunildaMyftari 10’
How are antibiotics managed in the reimbursement scheme in Albania
Iris Hoxha, 10’
How OTC medicine list changed through the years in Albania
DajanaRoshi, 10’


Coffee & poster session Hall Doruntina


Short oral presentations (SOP)
“Chemotherapy and Infection in Dermatology:  old problems - new challenges”
Symposium organized by Albanian Society of Dermatology and Venereology:
Chairs: E.Vasili, M.Fida

Epidemiological and clinical data on Melanoma Malignum in Albania. 9 Years retrospective study.   
Xhiliola Doci 10’
Non Melanocytic skin Cancer: a retrospective study.
Monika Fida 10’
Cutaneus Lymphomas: The difficulty of early diagnosis. (the perspective of 2 cases.MigenaVargu 10’
Pemphigus Vulgaris and Infections: A Retrospective Study.
Ermira Vasili, LoretaKuneshka, EmiljonaJanushaj, 10’
Giant condylomaacuminatum, Buschke-Lowenstein tumor (case report and rewiev of leterature)
DrEtlevaJorgaqi 10’
Metastatic Amelanocitic Malignant Melanoma with unknown Primary. Case report and review of literature.
Alert Xhaja 10’
Cutaneous side effects of chemotherapy agents.
Irena Savo 10’
SyringofibroadenomatousEccrine (Case report and review of Literature).
ArbenZenelaj. ValbonaZenelaj, ErmiraVasili 10’



Gala Dinner& Award for best young scientist


Closing addresses: ArjanHarxhi, KrassimirMetodiev

PL – Plenary lecture
L – Lecture
SOP – Short oral presentation
P - Poster


Posters shall be mounted and presented by their authors during the coffee breaks on Friday and Saturday
List of posters:

  • Relevance of avidity testing of VCA IgG in EBV diagnostics

Ts.Kostadinova, L.Ivanova, Zh.Stoykova, T.Todorova, N.Ermenlieva, G.Tsankova, D.Tsaneva
Medical University, Varna, Bulgaria

  • Primary prosthesis of large joints in patients with Morbus Paget: Clinical experience

N.Kolarov, R.Popstefanov, P.Petkov
Medical University, Varna, Bulgar

  • The importance of managing clostridium difficile infection

Camelia Grigore1, Nicolae Grigore2, Maria Totan2
1Pediatric Hospital of Sibiu,Romania
2Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Medicine, Sibiu, Romania

  • How frequent is the rotavirus infection in children below 5 years of age?

Camelia Grigore1, Nicolae Grigore2, Maria Totan2
1Clinical Pediatric Hospital, Sibiu, Romania
2Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Medicine, Sibiu, Romania

  • The incidence of helicobacter pylori infection in children and teenagers

Camelia Grigore1, Nicolae Grigore2, Maria Totan2
1Pediatric Hospital of Sibiu, Romania
2Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Medicine, Sibiu, Romania

  • Dexamethasone influence on antibiotic therapy in oro maxillary suppurations

Nechifor Mihai1, Gradinaru Irina2,Popescu Eugenia3, Cracana Alexandra2 , Petrescu Diana Cezarina1, Gales Cristina4, Ghiciuc Cristina1
1Department of Pharmacology ;
2Department of Implantology, Removable Dentures Technology;                                
3 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery;                                                                                    
4Department of Histology  “Gr. T. Popa”  University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi , Romania

  • Antimicrobial resistance rates - patients with UTI

Stevanovic Olja, Stevanovic Goran, Barac Aleksandra
Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Clinical Centre of Serbia

  • How famine in 2016 affected STIs in women in South Sudan

Alexandra Mamova,
Tropical Institute, St. Elisabeth University, Sllovakia

  • Laryngeal tuberculosis – a case report

SerafimKastanakis MD, PhD, Prof., Efklidis K. Proimos MD, PhD, AlexandrosLadias MD,  Maria Zisoglou MD MSc., Theognosia S. Chimona MD, PhD, Chariton E. Papadakis MD, PhD.
ENT Department Chania General Hospital.

  • Tuberculosis incidence among immigrants in a primary health care centre

Dimitrios Anyfantakis1, Evangelos Vittorakis2, Pagona Kastanaki2, Serafim Kastanakis3
1Primary Health Care Centre of Kissamos, Chania, Crete, Greece
2Medical School University of Crete, Greece
3General Hospital of Chania, Greece
11. Isolation frequency and resistance to antibiotics of Pseudomonas aeruginosaisolates at Saint George General Hospital of Chania during 2016
M. Papadogianni, K. O. Zervaki-Măgurean, E. Papadomanolaki, G. Alevraki, S. P. Papadantonakis,  A. Tsouri, E. Vittorakis*, S. Kastanakis.
Microbiology Department, Saint George General Hospital of Chania, Crete, Greece.
Medical School, University of Crete, Heraklion

Study ofAcinetobacterbaumaniiisolates in Saint George General Hospital of Chania during 2016

K. O. Zervaki-Măgurean, M. Papadogianni,  E. Papadomanolaki, G. Alevraki, S. P. Papadantonakis,  A. Tsouri, E. Vittorakis*, S. Kastanakis.
Microbiology Department, Saint George General Hospital of Chania, Crete, Greece.
*Medical School, University of Crete, Heraklion
13. Challenges in applying point prevalence survey in Albanian hospital settings
Authors: Gentian Kasmi1, Irena Kasmi2, Iris Hoxha3, Admir Malaj3
1Department of Laboratory, Service of Microbiology, University of Medicine Tirana
2Service of Pediatric  Pneumology, HUC “Mother Theresa” of Tirana
3Department of Pharmacy, University of Medicine Tirana
14. Intensive Care Management of  InfectiousNosologies in  immune depressed
            A.Ndreu2, M.Qato1, N.Como1, P.Pipero1, E.Reci2, A.Bengu2, T.Punmira2, A.Xhika2,  
            D.Hoxha2, S.Plaku2, K.Nasto1, A.Neco2, Dh.Kraja1, A.Harxhi1
            Infectious Disease Service 1, Intensive  Care Unit 2, UHC Moter Theresa ,Albania
15. Malignancies in HIV/AIDS Albanian Adults
1Meta E, 1Harxhi A, 1Como N, 1Pipero P, 1Muco E, 1Shkurti K,
1Capo R, 1Gjataj A, 1Hoxha N, 1K ushi A,
2Shehu  E, 3Dervishi M, 3Shundi L, 4A Ademi S,5Cili A, 5Perolla A, 6Berdica L, 6Zllami B,
1Kraja Dh
1Infectious Diseases Service, 2Dermatology Service,3IPH, 4Oncology Service,
5Hematology Service, 6Histology  Service, UHC  “Mother Theresa”
7Neurology Service Amerikan Hospital, Tirane,  Albania
16. Management of Mycobacterium avium complex granulomatous lymphadenitis in a HIV patient: a never ending story
A. Gjataj1, E. Meta1, R.Capo1. E. Muco1, K.Shkurti1, Dh. Kraja1, M. Buba2, M. Basho3, P. Pipero1, N. Como1, A. Harxhi1
1University Hospital Center of Tirana “MotherTheresa”, InfectiousDiseaseService, Tirana, Albania, 2University Hospital Center of Tirana “MotherTheresa”, AnatomopathologyService, Tirana, Albania, 3University Hospital Center of Tirana “MotherTheresa”, RadiologyService, Tirana, Albania

17. The skin rash and vasculitis in Infectious Endocarditis
D.Petani, N.Como, Dh.Kraja, A.Harxhi, P.Pipero, T.Kalo, E.Kolovani, N.Gjermeni,E.Ramosaco, E.Zogu, R.Byku
            Infectious Disease Service UHC Tirana, Albania

18. A new case of Schistosomiasis in Albania imported by Africa.
Esi Duka, N. Çomo, A. Harxhi, P. Pipero, A. Pilaca, M. Resuli, Dh. Kraja.
Service of Infectious Diseases, UHC "Mother Teresa" Tirana, Albania.

19. Infections in patients with cancer
Edmond Puca¹, Emiljana Huti²,Sonila Bitri3, Areti Pojani3, Kadir Burak Koza4, Entela Puca3
1Service of Infectious Diseases, University Hospitl Center, Tirane, Albania
2Service of Oncology, Amerikan Hospital, Tirane, Albania
3Service of Intern Medicine, Amerikan Hospital, Tirane, Albania
4Service of Surgery, Amerikan Hospital, Tirane, Albania
20. Is Procalcitonin the best marker for sepsis?
Edmond Puca¹, Elda Qyra¹, Gentian Stroni¹, Albana Daka², Gentian Huti²,  Migena Qato¹, Alketa Rrustemaj², Monika Dede¹, Pellumb Pipero¹, Entela Puca²
1University Hospital Center, Tirane, Albania
2Amerikan Hospital, Tirane, Albania

21. Epidemiological, topographic and prognostic ascepts of Janeway lesions and Osler nodules in Infectious Endocarditis
E.Zogu, N.Como, Dh.Kraja, N.Gjermeni, E.Kolovani, E.Ramosaco, D.Petani, R.Byku,P.PiperoA.Harxhi,
Infectious Disease Service UHC, Albania

22. HIV associated lymphoma.
Elda Qyra, Monika Dede, MigenaQato, Edmond Puca, Gentian Stroni, EltarDeda, PellumbPipero, DhimiterKraja, ArjanHarxhi.
Infectious Disease Service UHC, Albania

23. Diagnostic challenges of ocular syphilis in ocular involvements of HIV infection
Ergys Ramosaço, Entela Kolovani, Dhimiter Kraja, Najada Çomo, Amarildo Belshi 
Infectious Diseases Hospital UHC Tirana, Ophthalmologic Clinic UHC Tirana, Albania

24. Cerebral abscess in a subject with cardiac congenital defect
K.Leka1, A.Kuqo2, A.Roji2, A.Seferi2, S.Qirko3, A. Harxhi1
Department of Infectious Diseases
Department of Neuroscience
Department of Cardiology
25. A generalised herpetic infection as first sign of severe hematologic disease
Leka K1, Kokici M2, Kalo T1, Buba M2, Perolla A3, Papa V1.
Department of Inrfectious Diseases
Department of Laboratory
Department of Internal Medicine Hematology

26. TB,  HIV and Syphilis co-infection.
K. Leka1, A. Harxhi1, N. Hoxha1, A. Kushi1, E. Muco1, E. Meta1, V. Papa1Sh. Qyra2

27. Co infections and metabolic diseases
K. Leka1, N. Hoxha1, A. Harxhi1, Sh. Qyra2, E. Muco1, E. Meta1
Department of Infectious Diseases
Department of Microbiology
28. Spondylodiscites in adults
            Leka K1, Roji A2, Seferi A3, Harxhi A1, Gjermeni N1, E. Muco1
Department of Infectious Diseases
Department of Imaging
Department of Neurosurgery

29. Haematological changes in patients with acute malaria imported to Albania
MajlindaKokici (1), DhimiterKraja (2) ArjanHarxhi(2),NajadaComo(2), KlodianaShkurti(2), EntelaRamosaco(2)
Laboratory Service, Mother Theresa Hospital,  Tirane
Infectious Diseases Service, Mother Theresa Hospital,  Tirane

30.Clinical  and epidemiological survay of Infectious Pathologies  in
immunocompromised hosts
            M.Qato, N.Como, P.Pipero,A.Ndreu, E.Puca, E.Qyra,M.Dede, G.Stroni,
            I.Koshovari, K.Nasto ,J.Majko, E. Deda, Dh.Kraja ,A.Harxhi
            Infectious Disease Service,UHC Mother Theresa

31. Challenge of  managing outpatient treatment of an immunocompromised patient with bacteremia and pulmonary infection byPseudomonasaeruginosa. Case presentation.
M.Dede, E.Qyra, G.Stroni, E.Puca,  N.Como, P.Pipero, Dh. Kraja, A. Harxhi
            Infectious Disease Service,UHC Mother Theresa

32. Diagnostic And Therapeutic Aspects of HCV in ID Service 
N.Como, Dh.Kraja, N.Gjermeni, E.Meta, V. Ostreni, E.Kolovani, T.Kalo, M.Qato, P.Preka, E.Zogu, D.Petani, R.Byku, R.Capo, P.Pipero, A.Harxhi
Infectious Diseases Service, UHC “Mother Theresa” Tirana, Albania

33. Successful Retreatment of Hepatitis C Genotype 1b Infection With
Ombitasvir /Paritaprevir /RitonavirIn Combination WithDasabuvir
N.Como, Dh.Kraja, E. Kolovani, E.Meta, E.Zogu, R.Byku, P.Preka, D.Petani, P.Pipero, A.Harxhi
Infectious Diseases Service, UHC “Mother Theresa”, Tirana, Albania

34. HCV  infection in immunocompromised patients
N.Como, Dh.Kraja, M.Qato, E.Meta,E.Kolovani, V.Ostreni,E.Zogu, P.Preka, P.Pipero, S.Bino, A.Harxhi
Infectious Diseases Service, UHC “Mother Theresa”, Tirana, Albania

35. Clinical aspect of pain in Infectious Rachiditis
N.Gjermeni1, Dh.Kraja1, N.Como1, A.Harxhi1, P.Pipero1, K.Shkurti1,T.Kalo1, E.Kolovani1, D.Petani1, E.Meta1,G.Stroni1, E.Muco,E.Ramosaco1, E.Zogu1, E.Rapushi2
            Infectious Disease Service,UHC,Tirana,Albania1
            Rheumatology Sevice,UHC,Tirana,Albania2
36. A study over epidemiologic,tophografic,  etiologic and prognostic aspects of Infectious Rachiditisinimmunodepressed patients.
N.Gjermeni,N.Como, K.Shkurti,E.Kolovani,D.Petani,G.Stroni,E.Meta, A.Harxhi, P.Pipero, Dh.Kraja
Infectious Disease Service,UHCTirana,Albania
37. Use of adjunctive corticosteroid therapy in tuberculousmeningitis :
how far we can go
R. Capo, A.  Gjataj, E,Meta, E.Muco, K. Shkurti, A. Roji, P. Pipero, N. Como, Dh.Kraja, A. Harxhi
University Hospital Center of Tirana, ID Service

38.    Leishmaniasis-associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome  in HIV-infected patient.
Muco E1, Kokici M2, Kraja Dh1, Como N1, Pipero P1, Kalo T1, Shkurti K1, Harxhi A1
                1Infectious  Diseases Service UHC ”Mother Tereza” Tirana.
                2Laboratory Department UHC ”Mother Tereza” Tirana.

39.   Management of two microbial sepsis in HIV patient, case report.
            Muco E1 Mehmeti J2 Kermaj M3 Kasmi G4 Mano V4 Pipero P1 Harxhi A1
1Infectious Diseases Service, University Hospital Center “Mother Tereza” Tirana,
2Infectious Diseases, Hospital of Saranda.
3Endocrinology Service, University Hospital Center “Mother Tereza” Tirana, Albania.
4Service of Microbiology, Hospital Center “Mother Tereza” Tirana, Albania.

40. Infection control practices at University Hospital Center of Tirana: a decade of
Albana Fico1, Mereme Sela2, Arjan Harxhi1, Narvina Sinani3, Besim Boci1

  • Faculty of Medicine, UMT
  • Sector of HIC, UHCT “Mother Theresa”
  • Service of Pharmacy, UHCT “Mother Theresa”



41. Cephalic herpes zoster complicated with meningitis in patient with HIV infection and latent syphilis
ErjonaShehu, Esmeralda Meta, DhimiterKraja, ArjanHarxhi
Faculty of Medicine, UMT, University Hospital Center of Tirana, Department of Infectious Disease and Dermatology


42. Epidemiology of Kaposi's Sarcoma in HIV-infected patients in Albania,


Marjeta Dervishi1, Roland Bani1, Shpetim Qyra1, Florinda Balla1, Redona Dudushi1, Esmeralda Meta2,Erjona Shehu2, Silva BINO1
1Institute of Public Health.
2 “Mother Tereza” University Hospital

Publications: all accepted and presented papers at the 8-th SEEC in Durres, 12-15 October 2017, shall be admitted for review by a group of experts in chemotherapy, infection and cancer. Those of the reviewed papers, which are prepared according to the international rules for publications, shall be directed for a full-text publication in the Intl. Journal of IMAB “Annual Proceedings of IMAB”, a Journal of very high rank among the European medical journals, with all international registrations, such as DOI, Index medicus, PubMed, Tomson Reuters, IF, Citation index, etc.
The acceptance of the papers for publication shall start immediately after the decision of the reviewers.
The authors are kindly requested to apply for publication of their papers to with a link to the Journal of IMAB.